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Is Resin A Good Choice For Patios

With a name like Guardian Resin, you might think that we are biased when it comes to resin patios! And while there might be some truth to this, there's a good reason for our enthusiasm. Join us as we go through the positive points of resin patios, and by the end of the article, we […]
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How Long Do Resin Patios Last

Resin-bound driveways are becoming an ever more popular choice for homeowners across the UK. And it's easy to see why. Their look is fully customisable, they are extremely low maintenance and are sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs). One of their biggest benefits is their longevity. Properly installed, you can expect your resin driveway to last […]
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Is A Resin Patio Cheaper Than Slabs, Tiles, Block Paving

Patio and Driveway installation plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and functionality of a property's exterior. In recent years, resin patios have gained significant popularity in the UK due to their exceptional durability, low maintenance requirements, and customisable design options. As the demand for resin patios continues to rise, it makes […]
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How Much Is A Resin Patio

So you're thinking about installing a new patio or upgrading your existing one? The idea of having a smart new resin patio is appealing, but you need to weigh up the pros and cons and see how far your budget will stretch. If this sounds like you, you're among hundreds of thousands of people who […]
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